PerfectFlow's unique,
refillable packaging system
will enhance your brand
and strengthen your
connection with your


PerfectFlow provides
profitable solutions to
transfer a broad range of
difficult-to-transfer fluids
and reduces fluid transfer
energy costs up to 80%.

C.H. &I. Technologies, Inc., provides profitable solutions to transfer difficult fluids. CHI TECH markets its technology under the brands PerfectFlow®, Oil Bank®, and Grease Bank®.

CHI TECH has provided new, innovative technologies to the industrial and commercial marketplace for more than 20 years. Since our founding in 1989, our focus has always been fluid transfer technologies. CHI TECH's technology has helped enable its customers to better dispense and manage difficult fluids more efficiently and less costly than ever before possible. CHI TECH has accumulated numerous patents, both issued and pending, that enhance its offering to its customers.

Originally, our technology was applied to lubricating oils and greases and marketed under the brands Oil Bank® and Grease Bank®. In the mid-1990s, the Oil Bank technology was licensed to Shell Oil Company for use in industrial and commercial markets and applied to 00 grade - 4.5 grade greases as well as light and heavy weight lubricating oils.

CHI TECH's technology has now expanded its scope of use to a wider variety of thick and even more difficult fluids. The advancements made in the technology effectuated the establishment of the PerfectFlow brand. Now, for industrial users PerfectFlow provides profitable solutions to transfer not only lubricating oils and greases, but also a broad range of other difficult to transfer fluids. Users of chemicals like ethylene glycol, adhesives like liquid applied sound deadener, anti-flutter material, and noise vibration and harshness material can also take advantage of the PerfectFlow technology. PerfectFlow's versatility has also expanded to the food industry and can handle thick organic fluids like mayonnaise, tomato paste, and hot and cold cooking oils.

An exciting new application of the PerfectFlow has been in consumer products. The demand for greener solutions in consumer packaging has led to the use of PerfectFlow’s refillable and sealed fluid transfer technology to the development of the PerfectFlow Refill Bottles™, Refill Stations™, and Refill Cartridges™. At the retail level a marketer of cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products and more can use the PerfectFlow RefillMarketing System to increase sales and profits at the same time engaging with their customers in a new and exciting way. The PerfectFlow Refill System can raise sustainability scores. European users can dramatically reduce their Green Dot fees with the Refill System at the same time enjoying higher sales and profits.

These are just a few of the wide-ranging applications for which CHI TECH has provided fluid transfer solutions. PerfectFlow not only solves difficult fluid transfer problems, but also improves working conditions and saves money for our customers.